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Jordan Harvey

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The mission of the BYU Black Alumni Society is to support the educational, professional, and social development of BYU alumni and students of the African diaspora.


We strive to fulfill our mission by:

  1. creating and sustaining an organized body where black BYU alumni and students come together to fellowship and connect professionally;
  2. establishing and nurturing a mentorship program linking current and prospective black BYU students to the BYU Black Alumni network;
  3. recruiting prospective black students to apply to, and matriculate at, BYU; and
  4. providing an active voice to promote positive change for the black BYU community.

Currently we are in the process of creating this entity. If you would like to be involved with this organization, please fill out one of the short forms below. Doing so will allow us to communicate with you as the Association grows and supports more events and initiatives. Also, please forward the forms to anyone you know who would like to participate with the BAA.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking here or emailing at
BYU BAS Organizing Committee

You can donate to our chapter at


Chapter Events

Auxiliary Leaders

Treasurer: Donald Amesimeku

University Relations VP: Rhea Maynes

Mentorship VP: Tinesha Zandamela

Fundraising/Finance VP: Donald Amesimeku

Chapter Elect: Daylin Amesimeku

Alumni Relations VP: Jordan Harvey

Recruitment VP: Jesse Wilkinson

Student Relations VP: Rhonda Peck