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BYU Alumni Chapters offer services and activities to keep alumni active in the life of the university today and to connect you with your wealth of experiences from your time at BYU. There are Regional Chapters (based on where you live), College/Professional Chapters (aligned with a group, industry, or affiliation of grads and aligned with your degree, college or department at BYU). All Chapters have one purpose - to be True Blue.

They connect alumni with students (mentoring, internships, employment opportunities, replenishment grants).

They connect alumni with alumni (networking, career and professional development, social activites).

They connect alumni with community (community recognition, service projects, newsletters).

They connect to replenishment grants (raising funds to support current students).

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Chapter Events

Holy Land Site Devotional: Valley of Elah with Kerry Muhlestein


February 5, 2023

Discover the Valley of Elah with Dr. Kerry Mulestein as he joins the BYU Jerusalem Center Alumni on Zoom February 5th. Learn about this stunning landscape with a rich history, including David¿s remarkable battle with Goliath.

Auxiliary Leaders

Secretary: Emily De Schweinitz Taylor

Treasurer: Camilla Wright

Vice Chair: Amy Perry

Financial Advisor: Kevin J. Walker

Faculty Liaison: Brent Top

Jerusalem Center Liaison: JanaLee Longhurst


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