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The mission of our BYU Alumni Chapter is twofold: supporting and sustaining the current Noteworthy ensemble, while also strengthening and enriching the lives of all alumnae.  We understand that the meaningful, musical, and spiritual experiences and connections made while performing with Noteworthy are of great import to members. Further, we believe that such experiences do not have to end when an alumna is no longer in the group.

We strive to enrich the lives of alumnae by providing updates on Noteworthy's recent accomplishments, producing an annual newsletter, organizing events, encouraging feedback, creating a vast musical network, fostering new friendships, and renewing old ones. In addition, we allow alumnae to stay connected with the current group through special events and mentoring. 

In order to accomplish these purposes our leadership is comprised of two groups: the Noteworthy Alumni Committee (NAC) and the Noteworthy Alumni Assembly (NAA). The NAC is made up of a smaller group of alumnae who deal with the everyday logistics of running our chapter, publishing the Noteworthy News newsletter, and also planning alumni events. The NAA is a larger group designed to handle more of the big picture discussions and planning for Noteworthy Alumnae. It is made up of individuals who represent each group in Noteworthy‿s performance history starting from 2004, and holds bi-annual virtual meetings. By having these two groups, we aim to be efficient and inclusive in representing all years of Noteworthy and taking into consideration the needs and perspectives of all of our Noteworthy sisters. 

Our resources/connections with alumnae include:

  • Annual Newsletter, The Noteworthy News, sent via email
  • Alumni directory, updated annually
  • Planned activities: Meet the new group dinner, Concerts, Special singing events, Reunions, etc
  • Mentoring/feedback with current group
  • Google feedback form
  • Facebook Alumni group

If you are not able to access or are not receiving the above mentioned resources and are a Noteworthy alumna, please contact us at

You can donate to our chapter at


Chapter Events

Auxiliary Leaders

Secretary: Ellie Hughes

Treasurer: Katie Hall (Events)