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Zachary and BethAnn Shrader

Chapter Chair

Lane Wright

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Jennifer MItchell


Our Chapter

The mission of the Tallahassee BYU Alumni Chapter is to be TRUE BLUE!  We strive to accomplish this by 

  • connecting alumni with students (mentoring, internships, employment opportunities, replenishment grants).
  • connecting alumni with each other (networking, career and professional development, social activities).
  • enlarging the Spirit of the Y (community recognition, service projects, newsletters).

Check out the awesome events we have planned for this year!

Want to get involved?  Volunteer for one of our events, join our Facebook Group, and make sure your contact information is up to date with the alumni office! 

Lastly, we want your feedback!  How can we better serve the BYU Alumni in North Florida/Southern Georgia?

We can't wait to meet you and share in the spirit of the Y!

You can donate to our chapter at https://give.byu.edu/tallahassee


Chapter Events

Auxiliary Leaders

Secretary: Jennifer Mitchell

Treasurer: Jennifer MItchell

Replenishment Grant Selection Committee: Blair and Vicky Burton

Replenishment Grant Selection Committee: Mark and Muriel Llewellyn

Replenishment Grant Selection Committee: Chris and Susan McRae


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