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Blaine and Michelle Douglas

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Blaine Douglas

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Paige Barron

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NW Arkansas chapter connects others for good.  We hold a yearly golf tournament to raise money for replenishment grants.  We will host BYU performance groups and fly in speakers for devotionals or fund raisers. We also have tailgating, road trips, scavenger hunt for BYU swag boxes and provide community service.  Join us as we connect others for good.

We connect with communities.

"The world is not just our campus...the world's problems are our problems."

We connect alumni with students 

Replenishment grant recipients:

Interview with defensive lineman "Tonga":

We connect alumni with each other 

"The Real Value of a BYU Education"


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Chapter Events


October 15, 2022


September 23, 2023

Auxiliary Leaders

Secretary: Andres Lasarte

Treasurer: Jonathan Robinson

Historian: Paige Barron

Performance group committee member: Ron Sasine

Tailgating committee Chair: Craig Brammer

Marketing Chair: Brady Blake

Replenishment Grant/Scholarship Committee members: Jim and Stephanie Wright

Performance Group Chair: Valerie Chandler

Replenishment Grant Committee member: Brad and Elisa Ganz

Tailgating committee member: Rand Waddoups, Caleb Johnson, Daniel Fudge, Blake Jones, Dane Poyfair, Brendan Hayes

Replenishment Grant Committee member: Alyssa Shepherd

Replenishment Grant/Scholarship committee member: Michelle Conover

Golf Committee member: Ben Ratchachek

Golf Committee member: Tom Allred

Golf Committee member: Scott Comisky

Golf Committee member: Sean Kubal

Golf Committee member: Dave Erickson

Past President: Taggart Barron


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